Compounding for Animals

The same problems seen with people are seen with pets. Some commercial animal medications may be available in only one size or strength. A tablet may be too strong to give your pet even when the tablet is cut into quarters or eighths.

We can make a medication providing the most appropriate dose in an easy-to-give preparation that your pet will love!!! The possibilities are endless!!!

  • Tuna-flavoured medication for cats;
  • Liver-flavoured chewable tablets for dogs;
  • Pina colada-flavoured solutions for parrots;
  • Peanut butter-flavoured liquids for ferrets;
  • Small easy-to-give capsules for snakes;
  • Cyproheptadine capsules for headshaking & cushing's disease.

Often times, your pet will have to take a number of medications to help with a certain medical condition (i.e. heart problems). Giving three separate drugs can be inconvenient and costly. We can compound the needed dosages for all three medications in a single capsule saving you time, money, and scratched or bit hands.

Manufacturers often stop producing medicines that are unprofitable due to low demand.
We may be able to obtain the necessary chemicals and compound the same discontinued formulation.

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