The special formulation of BIOEQUINE cleans the gut of debris and parasites and prepares it to utilize the medicinal quality, balanced and buffered vitamins and minerals AND concentrated probiotic. Your horse is provided all this in a small 1 ounce (30gm) daily dose. BIOEQUINE can be fed as a top dressing or mixed with stock salt in a one to two ration (ie) 1 lb of BIOEQUINE to 2 lbs of salt to be used as free choice for pastured horses. There are no added sugars, protein, drugs, herbal preparations or inert fillers.

For about $1 a day, your horse can have their total vitamin and mineral needs met, PLUS a high concentration of PROBIOTIC in a gut-cleansing, natural worming diatomaceous earth base.

The most complete, most cost effective horse daily supplement

  • 28 vitamins/minerals
  • 15 probiotics
  • Added biotin & selenium
  • Very palatable
  • In a base of diatomaceous earth for prevention of parasites and toxins
  • No junk ļ¬llers
  • No sugar
  • Pharmacists approved
  • Used by champions

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