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We achieve the vision of our company founder with passion and expertise, making Heel the global leader in the field of scientifically-based modern homeopathy as an integral part of medicine. Our medications are easy to use and gently activate the body's self-healing powers - as intended by nature and requested by health care professionals and patients around the world.


We accomplish our vision within the framework of our mission, focusing on the creation of benefits and added value for our customers, shareholder and employees, in an international environment.

Customer orientation

We aim to satisfy our customers' need for effective, gentle, scientifically-based therapies by providing healthcare solutions based on the unique system of Bioregulatory Medicine. That is why we invest in proof of efficacy of our products and the underlying therapy system. Our relationship with partners and customers is characterized by trust, reliability and professionalism.

Effective and Gentle Medications

The human body is one of nature's works of art. When it is healthy, it is perfectly in tune with itself and the environment. But sometimes that balance is disturbed and people become ill. That is where we come in. Our medications gently promote the body's self-healing processes, helping it combat illness and recover its biological balance.

Homeopathic Combination Medications

Our combination medications are made up of several different natural substances, mostly homeopathically prepared. These have been carefully chosen and blended to stimulate and support various biological functions. They are then used, just like conventional medications are, to treat a given condition such as the common cold, dizziness or many other conditions both acute and chronic.

But what exactly are homeopathic combination medications? In classical homeopathy, a single medication is prescribed based on the patient’s physical and mental symptoms. We approach homeopathy in a more holistic way.

Zeel Compositum

Zeel® comp. N Indication   When you need a...

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Oculoheel® Indication For a clearer view! Oculoheel...

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Neurexan® Indication Restore your inner...

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Nervo PS (replacement for Nervoheel)

Please note that we are no longer able to get Nervoheel from the...

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Luffeel® Indication Enjoy the outdoors and leave your...

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Euphorbium Comp

Euphorbium comp.® Indication Breathe...

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Engystol® Indication Be healthy and strong! Engystol...

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Traumeel, Heel

Traumeel® S Indication Effective relief of muscle...

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