Moody Bee Beeswax Lipbalm

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The Moodys

Randy and Krista Moody live in Kimberley, B.C., a small mountain town nestled between the Rocky & Purcell Mountains. A few hives are kept at their home but most are kept on wild land in the local area.

Randy The Beekeeper

Randy Moody started his beekeeping hobby with 2 hives in 1998. He would dress in a mosquito jacket, quickly visit his hives, then run away as fast as he could. The next spring Randy bought more hives, learned a lot about beekeeping, invested in some equipment, and the hobby grew from there into a small family business. In addition to tending the bees, Randy also works as a conservation biologist . He has a passion for nature and the environment, and is committed to the production of pure and natural honey.

Krista The Lip Balm Maker

One summer while Krista was helping Randy with honey extraction, she looked at the leftover beeswax, and had an idea. In her lifetime she had bought and used copious amounts of lip balm, and she was determined to make a beeswax lip balm that would be better than anything she had tried. After years of intense research and experimentation her goal was achieved. You will love Moody Bees Beeswax Lip Balm!

Smooth vanilla & peppermint lipbalm; so good you'd want to eat it up!

$3.99 CAD

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