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High Fiber Food Source - The subject of Constipation is not a pleasant topic for conversation, but it does affect over half of North Americans!

THE SOLUTION? All-natural NutraCleanse makes up for the lack of fiber in your diet, and may even help prevent colon cancer by dramatically increasing fiber.

NUTRACLEANSE is an all-natural product designed to address the serious problem of lack of fibre in the North American diet making it an excellent dietary fibre supplement. NutraCleanse is based on a 150 year-old Finnish recipe and is designed to promote daily regularity and optimum colon health.
This high fiber food source generally relieves constipation within 24 hours and the problem does not recur with continued use. The all-natural ingredients of NutraCleanse offer numerous additional health benefits including lower cholesterol and blood pressure, rebuilding of skin cells and cartilage, loss of excess body weight, and increased energy and vitality.

NUTRACLEANSE is a tasty, all-natural blend of ground organic flax seed, Psyllium and other ingredients designed to promote healthy bowel movements and optimum colon health.
It is easy to use too... just add 1/3 cup (30 grams) to almost any hot cereal or make yourself a delicious NutraCleanse Smoothie. (See Recipes) NutraCleanse is also high in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for optimum health. NutraCleanse therefore provides the body with high-quality nutrients as well as cleansing fiber and lubrication to the colon.


Daily regularity
Cleansing and detoxification of colon
Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients by the body
Prevention of haemorrhoids Lower cholesterol
Lower blood pressure
Assists in rebuilding of skin cells and cartilage
Increased energy and vitality
Maintenance of healthy body weight

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