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The Pre~Seed Difference

Trying to Conceive, Vaginal Dryness and Lubricants

Approximately 11 million couples in the US are trying to conceive (TTC). On average, a couple only has a 20% chance of becoming pregnant each month during the woman’s fertile time. Intercourse on demand at ovulation can lead to anxiety and increased vaginal dryness --as can many fertility medications. In fact, 75% of women report an increase in their frequency of dryness when TTC.

Unfortunately, “everyday” personal lubricants can damage sperm and keep them from swimming normally. This includes other leading lubricants and even saliva or water. Numerous medical studies have suggested that these products should not be used when you are ready to become pregnant.

Traditional lubricants harm sperm because they have the wrong pH or osmolality (ion/salt concentration) or because they have ingredients in them such as glycerol (glycerin) which is toxic to sperm, especially at body temperatures.

In addition, many TTC women are concerned about the quality of their fertile secretions (mucus). Normally during the fertile time when ovulation occurs, a woman’s cervical fluids change. There is an increase in the quantity of the fluid, it becomes more slippery (like egg whites) and the pH rises, all to support sperm and their journey thru the cervix to reach the egg. As women age or if they have hormone imbalances, these normal fertile fluid changes don’t occur, making it harder for sperm to swim through the cervix.

Pre~Seed is Safe to Use When Trying to Conceive

Pre~Seed mimics natural body secretions to relieve vaginal dryness while providing an optimal sperm environment. Its moisture is delivered in the same pH , osmolality and viscosity (thickness) as fertile cervical mucus. Pre~Seed does not harm sperm and is less irritating to women than the leading lubricants (see Clinical Studies).

Pre~Seed’s unique formula is covered by numerous issued US and International patents. It is the only lubricant formulated by a woman Sperm Physiologist.

Pre~Seed comes with applicators to deposit the product internally so that its moisture can coat the vagina and cervix, enhancing the comfort of intimacy and supplementing inadequate fertile secretions.

What Makes Pre~Seed Unique?

First product allowed to state that it is "safe to use” by couples who are trying to conceive
Published studies show no harm to sperm
Published studies show less irritating to sensitive tissues than other leading lubricants
Numerous US and International Patents
Balanced to match fertile cervical mucus
Internal application mimics and supplements natural body fluids
Contains the plant-based arabinogalactan for antioxidant support of cells, including sperm
Recommended by leading fertility and women’s clinics
“The bad news is that virtually all lubricants...can kill sperm. Until recently, there really wasn’t a viable option...Luckily, though, a revolutionary new vaginal moisturizer has been developed... It is called Pre~Seed ...”
-Toni Weschler in International Bestseller “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”

“Many women have avoided popular lubricants because they’ve been shown to interfere with normal sperm function. There is at least one product called Pre~Seed, that won’t reduce fertility.”
- Dr. Robert Greene in “Perfect Hormone Balance for Fertility”

Product pH and Osmolality

Sperm swim best at a pH of 7-8.5 and at a physiologic osmolality between 260-370 mOsm/kg. Pre~Seed is formulated in this specific range to provide an optimal environment for sperm. Most lubricants have a pH which is too low and/or an osmolality that is too high for normal sperm function, causing them to not swim well and die (to learn more review Clinical Studies).

“If you need a little extra moisture—and many couples do at ovulation or under the stress of trying to conceive—you don’t have to do without. Look for Pre-Seed lubricant, which is specially designed for couples trying to conceive.”
- David & Blakeway in “Making Babies”


Pre~Seed ‘fertility-friendly’ Personal Lubricant is intended for use as a personal lubricant, Pre~Seed supplements the body’s own natural lubricating fluids to moisturize, relieve friction and enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity. Pre~Seed is safe for use by couples who are trying to conceive and may be applied to vaginal or penile tissues for lubrication and moisturization purposes. It is compatible with latex and polyurethane condoms.

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