Quantum Hydrox

Take a quantum leap to a new level of high performance appearance rejuvenation.

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Quantum Hydrox  features powerful natural BIO MARINE POWER PEPTIDES merged with high potency glycolic – salicylic complexes for optimal cellular turnover and maximum performance.

This high potency, multifaceted and pared down skin smoothing system yields maximum corrective, restorative and appearance rejuvenating effects.

Quantum Hydrox  incorporates effective and unique complexes of clarifying and appearance rejuvenating Pacific Northwest (coastal British Columbian) biomarine and rainforest amino acids / peptides / phytochemical extracts in combination with deep sea multi mineral complexes and potent deep oceanic geothermal survival molecules, creating powerful natural BIO MARINE POWER PEPTIDES. These bioactive and fermented agents are merged with high potency glycolic – salicylic complexes for optimal simultaneous cellular turnover and maximum performance of the formulations.

Fucoidan-rich BIO MARINE POWER PEPTIDES are a powerful natural alternative to the plethora of artificially synthesized instantaneous ‘plumping and tightening’ peptides flooding the dermatological marketplace. Dermatological research has shown instantaneous ‘plumping and tightening’ agents to be ultimately damaging to the skin.

Advanced ‘smart’ delivery systems ensure deep delivery of the various multifaceted rejuvenating complexes to targeted cellular layers for clarification and ultimate appearance rejuvenation.

    • Oil free
    • fragrance free
    • alcohol free
    • pH balanced
    • non comedogenic, and
    • non photosensitising formulations

Not tested on animals


Kalma Facial Toner (240ml)
Bio Marine Power Peptide and Pacific Rainforest Facial Toner
An aloe and glycolic – salicylic based soothing toner preps skin to optimal pH for upcoming Quantum synergistic treatment products.
Although Gel cleanser is pH balanced, Kalma further optimises skin’s acid mantle which can be compromised by hardness or softness of water used for facial cleansing and rinsing.
Smoothes and soothes skin with chamomile, echinacea, green tea and marine extracts, while removing any traces of microexfoliation.
Non drying, yet very effective for acne management.

Protecta Day Fluid (120ml)
Bio Marine Power Peptide and Pacific Rainforest Nourishing Moisturiser and Radiance Booster
Loaded with potent clarifying, firming, appearance rejuvenating and anti aging complexes: potent fermented mushroom sourced beta glucan amino acid peptide chains, SOD liposomes, phospholipids, glycolic acid (10%) – salicylic complex, aloe, fermented Pacific marine vegetal – mineral multi-peptide chain, niacinamide, green tea, gotu kola, rumex crispus and other active botanicals.
Also fortified with stabilized vitamin C (ascorbyl polypeptide).

Ramp Moisturizer Rainforest Amino Mineral Peptide (120ml)
Maximum Nutritive Facial Moisture Lotion
Does not contain alpha or beta hydroxy acids.
RAMP is extremely soothing and moisturising for all skin types and is a potent skin treatment designed to supplement Protecta / Repair / Exfolipac if needed.
Also helps cut the potency of glycolic-salicylic action for new users; and if required from time to time. It is loaded with potent appearance rejuvenating and anti aging peptide complexes: fermented mushroom sourced beta glucan amino acid peptide chains, SOD liposomes, phospholipids, aloe, and features unique fermented Pacific marine vegetal-mineral peptide complexes with hydrolyzed pearl nacre, chitosan, tourmaline, and volcanic obsidian.
Further fortification with glycine soya, green tea, gotu kola, rumex crispus and beta thujaplicin (from Pacific red cedar – more powerful and soothing than pycnogenol), enables this unique peptide loaded maximum nutritive moisture lotion to provide further synergistic supplementation for truly ‘customised’ results for a wide consumer base.

Repair Skin Fuel Night Crème Gel (60 ml)
Bio Marine Power Peptide and Pacific Rainforest Night Repairing Crème Complex
Contains high potency fermented mushroom sourced beta glucan amino acid peptide chains & SOD liposomes infused with fermented nutrient dense BC marine vegetal mineral peptide plasma.
It fortifies its potent night time restorative action with stabilized vitamin complexes: retinaldehyde, retinyl palmitate – beta carotene complex (vit. A), ergocaliferol (vit. D) tocotrienol – tocopheryl acetate (vit. E), panthenol (vit. B5), phospholipids, astaxanthin (omega 3 fatty acids), glucosamine, glycolic acid (10%) – salicylic complex and soothing active extracts of aloe, soy, ginseng, echinacea and chamomile.
Accelerates the repair process, nourishes & rejuvenates skin appearance.

Gel Facewash Gentle Foaming Cleanser (240ml)
Bio Marine Power Peptide and Pacific Rainforest Face Wash
A pH balanced aloe & glycolic – salicylic based soap free acidic cleanser with chamomile, echinacea and marine extracts.

Provides deep, yet gentle & thorough cleansing without stripping skin.
Protects skin’s vital acid mantle, which is easily stripped by conventional cleansers, and has superior rinseability.
Hydrating and effective for acne management as well.

Eye-C Creme Eye Zone Creme (15ml)
BIO MARINE POWER PEPTIDE Eye Zone Protection & Repairing Complex
Diminishes appearance of fine wrinkles and undereye skin discolorations.
Fully stabilized vitamin C complex, l-arginine, phospho-sphingolipid complex, mushroom beta glucan, SOD & photolyase liposome and oligomer powered action.
Marine peptide complex supplemented with key botanical soothers and fortifiers – aloe, soy, green tea, ginseng.

Exfolipac VitaMarineTM Mud Masque (60ml)
Bio Marine Power Peptide and Pacific Rainforest Marine Vegetal – Mineral Mud Masque
A weekly ‘spa’ type clarifying and rejuvenating treatment that revitalizes appearance.
Deep oceanic vegetal – mineral complex combined with kaolin and bentonite clays, diatomite silica and high potency glycolic acid (10%), accelerate and amplify system treatment results for maximum effectiveness.

Collagen C Intensive Vitamin C Serum Complex (30ml)
BIO MARINE POWER PEPTIDE and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (20% MAP) Complex
A very powerful skin booster supplement that stimulates smoothing of fine wrinkles, provides potent antioxidant action, diminishes skin discolourations, nourishes and rejuvenates appearance.
MAP, a fully stable, deep penetrating and retentitive vitamin C ester is the only form of vitamin C reported by the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology to be percutaneously absorbed and retentive in the skin.
These key and unique attributes of MAP have also been reported by the French National Research Institution ‘Centre National de la Recherche.’


Please introduce these products to your skin care regime one item at a time. Mix Protecta or Repair with RAMP Nutritive Moisturiser (half and half) and apply to face; gradually increase concentration of Protecta or Repair until you are using full strength. 

Once skin is accustomed to Protecta or Repair, you may add the other products (Gel, Kalma, Exfolipac). For very oily/acnied skin start with Gel and Kalma. Incorporate Exfolipac and thenProtecta into regime. For very dry skin start with Repair, then incorporate Gel, Kalma, and finally Protecta and Exfolipac into routine.
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