Problem: Dry Skin?
Solution: Thentix ™ A Touch of Honey™

Conditioning Cream for Hands and Body

Honey is one of nature's most delicious treats, but did you know that there are many topical uses for honey as well?

Honey has been used as a healing aid since the days of Cleopatra and it continues to be used today in products for skin and hair care.



Chapped Lips
Cracked Heels

Cradle Cap
Rough Hands

Allergic Rash
Flea Bites

Sore Muscles

Razor Burn
Diaper Rash

Athlete's Foot

Stretch Marks
Because honey contains hydrogen peroxide, it aids in killing germs. It helps to promote the growth of healthy tissue. Honey has been found to relieve inflammation, burns and helps to promote faster healing and less scaring.

Honey has significant natural antioxidant properties. Antioxidants play a role in protecting the skin from the damage of UV rays, and aiding in skin rejuvenation.

Wrinkled Skin? Honey can add softness and fresh beauty to the skin. Because of the composition of honey, it causes the skin tissue to hold moisture. Dry skin cells plump up and wrinkles tend to smooth away.

THENTIX contains some of hte finest natural ingredients:
Pure Honey

Royal Jelly
Aloe Vera

Ginseng Extract
Vitamin A

Vitamin E
Avocado Oil

Jojoba Oil
Safflower Oil

Grapeseed Oil
Calendula Extract

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